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A Closer Look at Soil Testing

The health of the soil is the basis of the health of your crops. Before you think of doing gardening or farming in your farm or yard you need to adjust the soil pH levels, and nutrients available in the soil. This is important because it will support good plant growth.

In established areas, such as shrubs, trees, lawns, and other perennial plants, tests can be performed after 3 or 4 years. 

When your soil is undergoing contamination, consider performing the right actions to spot the issue. A professional Soil chemistry testing must be immediately used to purify the soil.


When the sample is taken during this period, the lime can be applied in the fall. In the areas that have been fertilized or recently stamped, sampling may be delayed by at least 6 to 8 weeks. 

You should sample the different zones separately. Every single zone must be sampled separately. Make sure your soil is chemical sustainable and rich via rigorous soil testing. 

It is advisable to use clean soil sampling equipment. Use a clean hand trowel, a floor probe, shovel, or shovel to collect samples. For every single zone at least 6-8 subsamples must be combined to form a sample. 






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