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All About Coral Calcium

What is it?

Over the past few years, coral calcium has quickly become one of the most beloved supplements ever, capturing millions' imagination. In an effort to profit from the hype, many absurd claims have been made about this nutrient.

First, coral calcium is derived from coral reefs off the coast of Japan, especially Okinawa. Coral reefs are living organisms, but coral calcium supplements can be made from coral that has died. Coral is rich in calcium due to tiny polyps that eat a lot of mineral-rich plankton. You can also purchase coral calcium capsules via

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Coral Calcium: How can it benefit you?

We are sorry to inform you that there is not any medical evidence or clinical studies that coral calcium can treat over 200 diseases. It is also not the cure-all for cancer which is what many of its purveyors claim.

It is a matter of debate whether coral calcium should be used above or below the sea. At Nutritional-Supplement-Info, we believe above the sea is superior.

Here's why:

1. As mentioned, below sea coral is highly contaminated and must be exposed to extreme heat to eliminate impurities. It still harbors more pollutants than the sea coral above, even though it has been treated with ozone.

2. We are environmentalists by nature and do not like the ecologically harmful aspects of below-sea coral dredging.

3. Calcium content in above sea coral is higher per serving. Below sea coral has a 35% calcium content, and above sea coral has a 23%. Coral calcium can be made up of other minerals than calcium. We recommend that you look for the highest-yielding calcium when purchasing coral calcium supplements.

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