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All about Eye Tests for VDU and Computer Screen Users

We all spend long hours watching computer screens at work as well as at home. According to estimates that are not official, up to three percent of the population is unaware that they suffer from vision problems that must be fixed to prevent further damage, particularly if performing visual-intensive VDU work.

If you want to test your vision, then you can also look for an automated vision screening test.

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Early warning signs for those who suffer from an uncorrected defect in their vision can include frequent headaches, pain, or blurred vision that could result due to working at the VDU. 

If requested, employers are required to pay for an eye and eyesight examination performed by an optometrist, doctor, or optometrist and be entitled to additional examinations at regular intervals.

DSE Regulations, which include specific requirements for testing and eye exams, cover both as well as sight tests. The Regulations provide the employers for both current VDU users as well as new users should ensure that he (sic) receives at his request an eye and eyesight test, and any test to be performed by a trained person.

Vision screening tests that are observed only and in contrast to full eye tests can be offered by employers as a way of determining whether someone needs the full test (although the users are still allowed to take the full test). 

The majority of the time, it is the case that the lack of a thorough understanding of the distinction between eye exams, vision screening as well as full-sight tests can result in a lot of VDU employees being denied certain rights. i.e. the hiring of electronic equipment that is used to perform the job and save them time and money ' doesn't meet the requirements of the rules.

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