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Are Long and Loose Dresses Back in Fashion?

While summer dresses are often quite short and very revealing, there is a new trend this year that is bringing back long, flowing, loose-fitting dresses. You've probably seen a lot of celebrities wearing this dress, all with the material flowing at least from the waist down.

If you're looking for a long length women dress this spring and summer, avoid these short and cute looks and instead focus on options that are slightly longer. Here are some tips to help you find the right look.

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Choose a dress with a lighter color. Many longer dresses are kept in yellow and pastel colors so as not to completely captivate the body and appearance. Choose a look that flatters your body. The good news here is that women will love this longer look as it flatters almost any body type.

Consider a fitted chest and a long, slender bottom for this season's most popular clothing style. You want the look to add some dimension to your body and not be blanket around you.

Another important feature is the length. Some women instinctively pull away from this length, but the trend this season is ankle-length dresses. The skirt flows better if it is longer. Keep the dress as loose as possible.  It really takes the shape of your body in the dress, but still gives your body an attractive look.

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