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Benefits of Online classes

Technology is rapidly increasing day by day, online classes very helpful for all students. Class on demand is an exclusive live virtual class available to the students of Class VI to XII. Here, the students schedule their classes at their own time, pace, and convenience.

He most important feature of class on demand is its' instant nature and flexibility. A student is able to study directly with the subject expert as soon as he/she books a class. If you face difficulties in chemistry subject then you can take the best online classes via

Thus, class on-demand brings continuity in learning from school to home and forms real-time study support for the students after school hours.

Students are given an opportunity to exercise their will and put in the request for a date, time, class, and subject as per their convenience.

Unlike private tuitions, where students have to study the entire subject with a teacher, class on-demand gives them the flexibility to study a subject or topic in which he/she has queries. Thus, class on demand is a cost-effective learning help for the students.

Further, class on-demand provides a personalized learning environment to the students making the learning process more interactive and fruitful.

As the session is one to one, it gives more time to the teacher and the student to interact with each other.

One to one session helps a student to comfortably ask any question for an enhanced understanding of the topic. Simple explanations of complex topics help a student to score extra marks in exams.

On the other side, it also helps a teacher to understand the weak concepts of a student that requires improvement.

Students often get confused and take time in completing their homework. They get stuck in between the theories and its application or usage of correct formulas while doing the homework. 

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