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Creatine Animal Feed Additives In The Market

Creatine animal feed additives (AFA), are materials with nutritional value that animals are given. AFA acts as vitamins to farm animals who are not getting enough nutrients from their regular diets. AFA's global market is expanding rapidly due to increased demand for meat and other related products in recent years. 

The creatine animal meal market is growing because of the increasing demand for protein-rich meat and dairy products, industrialization of meat production, rising meat consumption, the spread of livestock diseases, and growing awareness regarding meat safety and quality.

creatine animal feed

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This industry is being held back by regulatory structure and the rising cost of raw materials. AFA has some potential opportunities due to the rising cost of natural food products. 

AFA is also being considered due to restrictions on certain harmful feed additives as well as environmental concerns. Many feed industry manufacturers are committed to improving their production processes in order to produce products at a lower cost and increase production.

Two major categories are used to classify the global AFA market:

* Nutritional feed additives

* Non-nutritional feed ingredients

Vitamins, amino acids, and minerals fall under the nutritional feed additives category, while hormones and antibiotics, and prebiotics, immunomodulators, and feed-acidifiers are classified under the non-nutritional feed additives category.  

AFA market leaders are focusing their efforts on expanding business across the regions and setting up new plants to increase production and product lines.

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