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Does Information Technology Contribute To Organizational Effectiveness Nowadays?

Information technology (IT) has seriously affected many companies. The dramatic growth of the Internet and telecommunications technology offers several advantages for businesses. 

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How Technology Can Boost The Benefits Of Being Your Own Boss - Salesforce Canada Blog

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Before we discuss whether information technology contributes to organizational effectiveness, we define organizational outcomes. Although many researchers have attempted to define effectiveness clearly, there is still no universal definition.

In general, organizational effectiveness refers to how well the organization is performing against a certain set of standards. For example, the company "ABC Logistics Inc." can determine its efficiency in terms of fast response times, improve customer service, reduce errors, improve data control, reduce paperwork, and reduce the workforce in percent as targets for this year. If we want to see the role of IT in the effectiveness of this business organization, we need to examine how IT contributes to this performance indicator.

Serious extensive research to investigate how IT contributes to organizational outcomes. The US Government launched the Baldrige Awards in 1987 to promote awareness of excellent quality. Recognize the achievements of American companies and publish successful quality strategies. 

The two objectives of the Baldrige Criteria are to increase customer value, leading to market success, and to improve financial performance and the company as a whole to meet the needs of shareholders, owners and other stakeholders.

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