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Federal Background Check For Federal Security

National background checks and federal background checks are not to be confused. Federal background checks are for federally prosecuted crimes, including tax evasion and bank robbery. A national background check is, however, a check that includes records from all 50 states, counties, and tribal territories.

The United States District Courts are trial courts and prosecute federal crimes. The United States courts can appeal federal crimes to the courts of appeals. You can have federal background check services via accordingly.


Federal criminal records can be obtained from either the district courts or appellate court, but records will only be available from appellate courts if there was an appeal. Employers will generally be able to immediately collect all federal criminal records, including bankruptcies that were filed in United States bankruptcy court. 

All federal criminal records, including the docket sheet, include all case documents. Remember that federal criminal background checks only apply to federally prosecuted offenses. It is not a national check. The US does not have a comprehensive background check. 

The FBI maintains a database of misdemeanors and felonies called the National Crime Information Center. However, only law enforcement officers have access to this database. You can however request your personal records from them.

It is important that you remember that a federal criminal background check is not the exact same as a national one. Federal background checks will only review records for federally charged crimes.

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