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Ficus – Information & Facts

The Ficus tree, which includes more than 800 species, is the original Indo-Australia region, Central and South America, and Africa. Let's look at their breeding techniques, general varieties and interesting facts.


The introduction of a new factory is called propagation. You can easily add to your ficus plant with various methods such as:  by cutting and arousing seeds. Pruning is the method of spreading simple ficus. Take about 5 knots and cut all but some leaves and twigs at the top. Dip the base on the rooting hormone (optional). Planting these cuttings on rich and humid land. Always keep the land moist.

You can easily get Ficus seeds if you have a fruitful ficus tree. You can also order the best quality Ficus benjamina ‘Wintergreen’, Weeping fig tree online. 

Interestingly, the fruit of some species of Ficus has up to 4,000 seeds in one fruit. Of course you can also buy seeds from dealers, but not like fresh organic seeds. Now planting these seeds on rich and humid soil. Add small peat moss to the ground (optional). Keep the land moist. Can take months for months.

Some general varieties.

  • Midnight ficus.
  • Ficus Starlight.
  • Ficus Hispida.
  • Ficus Benjamin.
  • Ficus Gold King.
  • Ficus Bonsai.

Interesting facts

There are around 850 species of ficus identified.

This is an important tree from a religious point of view and is very important in many religions, including Islam, Hindus and Buddhism.

One of the oldest ficus trees was in Sri Lanka, which was the historical record of the date back to 288 BC. Embedded.

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