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Get Rid of Hammer Toe Deformity to Look Better

Hammer Toe Deformity is a bent toe that can cause eye irritation. It is important to correct it as soon as possible. This disorder is most likely to be caused by genetics. Side effects of other conditions like arthritis are also factors. Unfit shoes are another man-made factor. It is impossible to prevent arthritis. It is genetic.

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How to Prevent Hammertoe: Washington Foot & Ankle Sports Medicine: Podiatry

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Hammer Toe deformity is not something to be ashamed of, but it does not require immediate treatment. It is best to have it fixed if there is any pain. Wear the right shoes. Corrective surgery may be an option. This is not recommended because the recovery time after surgery can be too long. It can take up to a month for your heel to heal completely. For the following period, a rehabilitation plan will be required.

For approximately 15 days, Hammer Toe Deformity surgery severely limits your activity. Keep the foot elevated. It is important to ensure that the foot is completely dry during rehabilitation. You should take extra care until the stitches are out. The surgery may be more difficult for severe cases that involve a significant deformity. The surgeon inserts a pin into the toe, and it stays there for approximately one and a quarter months.

Hammer Toe Deformity is more common in flat or high-arched feet than in normal ones. The abnormal foot shape is the reason. High arched feet will experience tension between the toes. The high arch of the toe can cause it to pull down, causing a deformity. This is a natural consequence of high arches. The treatment of the affected toe might be easier.

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