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Get The Professional Recording Microphone At Amazing Prices

If you are reading this article, I do not think I have to inform you about the benefits of microphones. In recent years there has been a huge increase in the number of voice-overs for Internet works such as podcasts, YouTube, etc. A microphone is an ideal way to improve the sound of a podcast. 

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You do not have to spend a ton of money on a microphone to receive a good voice recording. You can use any type of microphone that is condenser or electret because the frequency assortment of the human voice isn't too good. Obtaining a mic near the commentator reduces the effects of any background noise like room acoustics and computer fans.

It's ideal to use a cardioid pattern mic to assist dismiss such sound. Always place a microphone approximately six inches far from you.  When it's too far, the absence of sensitivity and constant frequency response will give noise.

Microphones may have an integral windshield, however, they are often not able to completely remove wind noise, therefore it is advisable to invest in a distinct windshield to mount between the commentator and the microphone. The commentator can go right up into the windshield and the microphone can be a couple of inches behind it (especially the dynamic vocal type).

The motive behind getting the windshield is the spoken word has a louder wind compared to the tune and the spoken word is more exposed than the lead vocal in a music track.

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