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Great Brews From Ballistic Brewing Company

If you're looking for some delicious craft beer to pair with your sandwich, this is an article for you! The article features a list of Ballistic Brewing Co's five beers that are worth picking up if you're looking for a good brew.

Ballistic Brewing Company is a brewery that specializes in producing high-quality craft beers. Ballistic Brewing Co is a craft brewery that offers a variety of great beers that are perfect for any occasion. 

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Here are 5 of their best brews:

1) Ballistic ale – This beer is perfect for a light and refreshing summer beer. It features a juicy hop flavor with a slightly sweet maltiness. This strong ale is perfect for those who love to indulge in a bit of bitterness. It features a robust flavor with hints of fruit and spices.

3) White Russian – This lager is the perfect drink to enjoy during the winter months. It is refreshing, smooth, and has a creamy taste.

4) Berserker IPA – Berserker IPA is packed with hops and flavors. It is perfect for those who love intense IPAs.

5) Barrel-aged brown ale – This dark brown ale is barrel-aged and features chocolate, coffee, and fruity flavors. It is perfect for those who enjoy complex beers with lots of flavors.

All of these beers are high quality and are sure to satisfy any beer lover.

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