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How to Choose an Employment Law Solicitor

When you need an employment law attorney, then you may already have a firm of solicitors in mind, or you may have never needed legal help before. How can you be sure that the employment law firm you choose is the right one for you?

Tips for Choosing an Employment Lawyer

1. What experience does the law firm have in employment law?

Choosing a lawyer is not easy. There are many options and many offer similar services. Some attorneys specialize in a specific area of law such as family law, transmission law, or commercial law. A law firm with extensive experience in employment law will be able to put your mind at ease, whether you need help recruiting new employees or in cases of discrimination.

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2. How can your employment law solicitor help you?

The sort of help and advice that you are looking for will determine what sort of employment law solicitor you need. If you want advice to see whether your former employers have an unfair dismissal case to answer to, you will want a solicitor experienced in this area. A solicitor experienced in writing staff handbooks, or helping companies with redundancy advice, may not be best for you, and vice versa.

3. Are there any other options?

If you are an employee wanting legal advice, instructing an employment law solicitor to take on your case, is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. You should have already talked to a manager, or the personnel or hr department. If you don't get the support and assistance that you need from within your company, then it might be time to seek legal advice.



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