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How to Write a Manufacturing Business Proposal

If you have never written a proposal before, it might sound like a difficult project. However, there is no need to intimidate, because you already know your business and how to sell it, so you are halfway to the finish line. The other half is to learn what enters a business proposal, and that's this article. You can consider the RFP Training  to know how to write a business proposal professionally.

If you respond to request a proposal (RFP), then of course you need to provide all the requested information, in the order specified in the RFP. But if it's up to you to decide on the content and format for your proposal, you must know that all business proposals have four basic parts.

Part 1 is an introduction, which consists of a cover letter, title page, and (optional) Executive summary and table of contents. In a cover letter, just explain briefly who you are, why do you present this proposal, and what you want the reader to do after considering the proposal information.

Part 2 is a very important part and is often ignored. Many proposals start with a lot of marketing information about why the company proposes this project is very good to do. It's not a good strategy for the winning proposal. Instead, Part 2 must be all about potential clients. Put yourself in your client's shoes. 

After you explain what is needed, this is the time to describe how you propose to fill that need in part 3. This is a part where you explain in detail what you propose to do, how it will benefit the client, and how much it will be worn cost. 

After you thoroughly describe what you propose, this is the time to explain why your company is the best choice for work – it's part 4, the last part of the proposal. It's always best to use facts, statistics, or recommendations from other people to sell clients on your reputation, so you want to enter a page like

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