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Know How To Get Free Financial Services For Consultation Leads

Free consultations are powerful lead generation tools for financial services advisers. These short meetings introduce prospects to your company and create a relationship between you and the prospective customer. The problem is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get warm leads to engage with queries. Here are some proven strategies to strengthen your free consultation marketing:

Immediate follow-up

Send a friendly confirmation email to your prospect as soon as a prospect submits their free inquiry form online or calls your office. This email should arrive within 1 business day of receiving the request. In this email (or phone contact), reiterate the benefits the potential customer will receive. Your goal is to get your future customer to imagine how they would feel doing business with you. You want them to come to the consultation having made the decision to do business with you. You can know more about financial assistance in lead generation by browsing the internet.

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Keep in contact

Decide to stay in contact with your potential customer even if the inquiry doesn't end in a sale. Put your potential customers' contact information in your email database and send them monthly emails about your services and other useful information.

A recent sales success study shows that most people buy a product after 5 inquiries. Most sellers give up after 2 inquiries. Use your email tracking to stay on top of your mind until your prospect is ready to move on.

Make the pre-consultation communication as rich and profit-focused as the actual meeting and you will see success. Remember that sales is a game of numbers and perseverance. Take the time to make sure your entire consultation process is timed for success.

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