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Photoelectric Sensors Used In Security Systems

One of the most popular types of motion detection sensors are Photoelectric motion sensors. This type of sensor projects rays of light between two locations. Photoelectric motion sensors often trigger other security equipment such as alarm systems when the beam or ray of light is broken. 

Like the majority of motion detection devices, photoelectric sensors use infrared filters that make the rays of light invisible to the naked eye, therefore thieves and common intruders will not easily notice them. Home and business security systems equipped with photoelectric sensors are considered an effective form of security measure.

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The Design Of A Photoelectric Motion Sensor  

Security Systems that use photoelectric motion sensors are made up of transmitters and receivers. The transmitter sends a beam of fixed light to the receiver. The receivers contain light-sensitive diodes that can automatically detect changes in light patterns. If the sensors detect a change that doesn't fall within operating limits, the processing unit will then afterwards register the change and transmit the signal to other security equipment it is connected to.

Where To Use Photoelectric Motion Sensors

Most photoelectric Security Systems are ideally used indoors although it is possible to use them outdoors too. However, if you use these devices outdoors the possibility of false alarms is quite high because animals and the wind can cause the beam to break up. You can adjust the level of tolerance breakage duration but you will be risking your home's security as a result. Other factors such as fog, mist and smoke can also interfere with the device. Sunlight that shines directly on the transmitter will block its transmission.

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