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Self Publishing – Having Control Over Your Book

The process of getting your book into the market isn't easy. Self-publishing has made the process much more straightforward for authors who are new. The process of securing a traditional publishing contract nowadays is a struggle, particularly when you're new to the scene.

It also may not work for you and your book; not only are they difficult to get, but you also lose a lot of your author rights when you do get one and it can take several months, if not years. If you're looking to have your book published using the assistance of an experienced professional, online book publishing is an option.

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When you work with a trusted business, you can share your goals and ideas, and see how your book comes to life. With the advent of the internet, publishing has radically changed. Authors aren't required to visit the business, although there is the option if they feel more comfortable. These writers can simply upload a Word or PDF file to their computers and send them over to the company who will then typeset, edit and put your book together.

Author Control over the Process

If you opt to self-publish your work you'll be in charge of the process, in contrast to traditional publishers where you're often kept in the dark. Self-publishing authors are in greater control of the book's content, design layout, format, distribution, and the way in which their book is advertised. The organization that you choose to work with will offer your honest feedback and provide you with guidance so you should choose to follow this route.

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