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Get A Packed Events Calendar

In a bid to offer a comprehensive mobile app for events, developers are now feature-packing their offerings with add-on information about local weather forecasts, traffic conditions around the event area, and detailed maps to guide visitors.

You also have the convenience of sending real-time news and updates from the event directly to your attendees' mobile devices. You can also check latest events in medicine online.

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Some apps are tailor-made for tablets: they are customized to utilize the screen space to the maximum for a more impulsive experience.

Host multiple events simultaneously with just one mobile app

For event managers, these mobile apps for events are a boon: they can host multiple events concurrently. If you have a packed events calendar, you can ease out the burden by receiving full support for recurring events.

You can also add dates and times of sessions and meetings to your calendar directly from within the app. Using QR codes, you can capture leads and exchange cards.

You are also able to send reports to exhibitors on the actual numbers of brochures downloaded by the delegates.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, you are able to generate more revenue through global ad/app sponsorship spaces. Make your advertisers more prominent with separate spaces for providing information about the event sponsors.