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Find About Different Types Of Air Conditioning Ducts

Ducts are a crucial element of all heating, ventilation , and AC systems. They serve a vital role in transferring and removing air. Every HVAC equipment requires air transfers in various directions. This includes return, supply and exhaust . 

In ventilation systems, ducts manage air flow from the outside to the inside of the room so that they can ensure the quality of indoor air and maintain temperature.

There are large number of air conditioning ducting supplies including ducting system, ventilation duct, boards, koolduct available in market today.Basically ,there are three kinds of air conditioning ducts :-

  • Ducts For Extremely Hot Environments

In very hot places like industries, bakeries and commercial laundries, holes are constructed at angles between in the 4 and 8 o'clock positions to direct cold streams towards the downward direction. The cold winds are displaced by hot streams. However, these holes are many and are small to ensure a slow stream.

air conditioning ducting supplies

  • Overhead Ducts

The ducts are suspended above by the use of steel wires.Small holes are located on the sides of the ducts which produce streams of cold wind which are infused with warmer room air. The air then flows throughout the building , reducing temperatures.

  • Ducts To Cool Spots

Perforated and plain ducts are used for spot cooling as ducts. They must be connected to a portable AC unit. It's a great option in situations where cooling large areas is expensive. It allows cold streams to be released precisely when it is required. This reduces the cost of energy.

There are several kinds of AC ducts based on their function and usage.