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Never Miss these Boating Etiquettes on/off the Water

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Rules govern this world to make it a safe, liveable place for everyone. And if there are rules on the land, how can the waters not have them. Besides, there are these etiquettes that you should know when you are out there on the water, at the marina, or on the boat ramp. Those rules let you have more fun while being safe alongside making your boating appealing. Following are some of the unwritten rules you should know.

On the Ramp

  • When preparing your boat or packing, don’t bind it to the active lanes of the launch ramp
  • After loading your boat, don’t use the ramp to secure the gear
  • When tying the courtesy dock, don’t exceed the required time slot
  • For new boaters, particularly when backing down in a busy ramp, find an empty lot to practice first

At the Marina

  • When close to the no-way buoys, keep the throttle down and make it slow rate towards the dock
  • Don’t use the fuel dock for things you can do elsewhere like socializing, and loading/unloading
  • Don’t allow hoses, cords, and lines around the boat slip
  • Respect others on the marina and go low on your favourite music volume

On the Water

  • Store food items in resealable plastic containers and use reusable water bottles to reduce trash
  • For eating onboard, take only mess-free food. If you have anything that can cause litter or stains, save it for the shore
  • Read the boating laws of your desired destination, including those for fishing, burning fires, and camping
  • Keep a check on emergency and towlines equipment to ensure they don’t fail you in a misfortunate circumstance.

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