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What Are The Most Popular Aluminum Deck Railing Colors?

If your outdoor space is like most, those old wooden railings are some of the first things to go, succumbing to rot and mold. Upgrading to a 21st century material like aluminum or vinyl packs a ton of advantages — as well as amazing deck railing colors!

Aluminum Railing Colors

Often seen with a shiny black hue, the aluminum balustrade in Vaughan is built strong yet has a slim modern profile. This railing system type accompanies both modern and traditional outdoor living spaces. Here are the most popular aluminum deck railing colors that we install:


A bold deck railing color choice that has recently exploded in popularity. Bronze is an in-demand railing color as it adds a metallic hue that complements traditional decks and porches.


A subtle color that makes for an interesting color complement, Brown-colored aluminum railings can match the gray-shaded deck boards of a modern design or the white wooden boards of a historic front porch.


A truly timeless look, White aluminum is one of our favorite choices for updating the wood railings on historic porches and decks. Unlike white painted wooden rails, these will never peel, rot, or deteriorate.

Satin Black

Not just a typical black railing, this color takes on the classic deck railing and adds understated elegance to any space. Satin Black is the most popular railing color — and it’s easy to see why!