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Things You Must Be Aware About Artificial Turf

A large lawn will require a lot of time to maintain and will require water and this can make it difficult to be able to focus on other plants in your garden. This is why many homeowners and stadiums are now using artificial turf to improve the appearance of your lawn which will help to conserve water.

With proper building materials and soil preparation, the grass looks just like the real thing. You can visit to get artificial turf.

Interesting information about artificial turf:

Filling- Made of crushed rubber or round silicone sand, which provides excellent stability to every blade of artificial grass. After rolling the artificial turf onto the rock layers, you will need to spread the filling on the grass and shovel it into the gaps of the blades.

Properties of Grass- If you are considering purchasing artificial turf products, look for grass with a UV protective coating. While there are many installations to mimic grass in the shade, the grass must be protected from the elements and fade in full sun. It's a good idea to check the mounting area where it's possible – there shouldn't be any reflections in the window that will hit it as this could damage the grass. While it can feel hot to the touch when installed in certain hot climates, the grass can survive the summer without a problem.