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Educators Overcome Clinical Rotations By Providing A Full Learning Experience With Virtual Patients

For the past years, virtual simulation has been introduced as a complement to clinical education. However, healthcare educational institutions were not ready to fully teach remotely. 

The covid-19 outbreak has reinforced the potential behind the software, a virtual patient simulator that enables today and tomorrow healthcare professionals to develop their clinical reasoning and decision-making skills. Therefore, you can get the best clinical technology solutions via for improving your clinical experience.

Available in multiple devices, Body Interact has stepped in the podium of distance learning solutions during the times when clinical rotations are suspended. Educators have been able to accelerate clinical exposure by providing a full experience – both online classroom type and students’ individual practice and evaluations.

Body Interact is a dynamic simulator with a physiological algorithm that enables users to observe and understand how their decisions have an impact on the patient’s health condition, in real-time. 

A recent study has shown that body interacts software or medical devices improve knowledge retention by 20.4% when compared to traditional methodologies. Gamification improves new learners' engagement and empowers students to develop further their clinical decision-making skills and confidence in a safe environment.

From dialoguing with the patient, completing an ABCDE assessment, or requesting tests, users can also call other specialties, administer medication, and be responsible for their own clinical decisions. 

The current outbreak not only has taken students from their schools but also has limited their clinical rotation plans and simulation centers activities, reducing the possibility of practicing their theoretical knowledge on patients. It offers important integrated tools that facilitate remote ongoing practice and evaluations.