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Best Hotels in Italy

There’s something about Italy which cannot be described in words and sketched in your imagination. No book, no well-researched article and not even a full documented program on the Travel & living channel can do the justice to the beauty of Italy. One has to actually fly off to Italy to gasp! at its splendors and spectacular views.

No wonder, the Italian wedding of Tom Cruise and George Clooney’s eye-popping villa in Italy, justifies that this European country can make tourists go weak on their knees. Popular Italian cities like Venice, Florence, Rome and Tuscany offers spectrum of attractions. Being one of the world’s most sought after tourist destinations, Italy welcomes flurry of tourists every year in its best hotels.

The best hotels in Italy offer premium accommodation to the enthusiastic travelers and make their travel trip in Italy, a pleasant experience. We have short listed some of the best hotels in rome italy

Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay
Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay was built in 1960 and recently went under the renovation to match up the classic luxury standards. There are total 8 suites and all the rooms are fully furnished and spangled with necessary amenities to make the guest’s stay comfortable and luxurious. Air-conditioned rooms, mini-bar, color TV with satellite, hair dryer, wi-fi, hotel bar, discreet cocktails and musical notes played by the pianist at the background are some of the comforting amenities that guests can always look forward to enjoy here.