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Reasons For Breast Lumps

One of the conditions experienced by women is breast lump. It is defined as a knot, bulge, bump or swelling within the breast. The condition could be caused by breast cancer, infections, and hormonal changes and traumatic injuries. 

These are fluid packed sacs in breast tissue that are considered harmful and cancerous. Usually it offers a tender and soft feeling causing pain in the breast lumps area. You can consult breast surgeons for a complete guide to axillary lymph node dissection procedure.

This is caused by the alteration in the level of hormone resulting in breast lump in one or on the two parts of the breast. The Fibrocystic alteration might as well as cause tenderness and breast pain before the menstrual period.

This is a breast infection frequently experienced by women who breastfeed. The infection is obtained because of the bacteria that pass through an open skin on the nipple part. The infection could become a boil that gradually develops downward to the breast or might result in cellulitis where the infection develops underneath the skin. 

This could cause cracks within the blood vessels causing a pond of blood to accumulate in part that could turn to lumps. But a good healthy diet and regular exercise can save you from breast cancer.