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Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing in a Business Perspective

Business Intelligence has become a very important activity in the business arena regardless of the domain due to the fact that managers need to analyze in a comprehensive manner in order to face the challenges.

Data sourcing, data analysis, extracting the correct information for the given criteria, assessing risk, and ultimately supporting the decision-making process is the main component of BI. From a business perspective, the key stakeholders should be aware of all the above steps and be crystal clear on expectations. 

People who are tasked with the role of Business Analyst (BA) for the initiative BI both from the BI solution provider or the company itself, the need to take full responsibility for ensuring that all the above steps are correctly carried out, in a way that will eventually give expected leverage business. You can get the best power bi data model online at Vizbp.

Business Intelligence Reporting

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The management, which will be the users of BI solutions, and business stakeholders, the need to communicate with BA correctly and elaborate on their expectations and help him throughout the process.

Data sourcing is an important first step but that will have a direct impact on systems where extracting information from multiple data sources can be done. 

The data may be text documents such as memos, reports, email messages, and possibly on formats such as photographs, images, sounds, and they could be more computer-oriented sources such as databases, tables formatted, web pages, and URL list. 

The key to the data source is to obtain information in electronic form. Therefore, usually, a scanner, digital camera, database queries, web search, access to computer files, etc., will play an important role.