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Cyber-Security Consultants: Who Are They And What Do They Do?

Cybersecurity consultants typically have experience with computer security and information security standards. The type of experience required is highly specialized and is currently not very common.

Services provided by cybersecurity consultants can make a real difference in the overall security position of a company and prevent or at least reduce future intrusion from real hackers or con artists.

Cybersecurity is only part of the broader field of information security which also includes physical assets and threats, as well as the human factor. You can also speak with a LaScala IT expert to get the best cybersecurity services.

However, in the context of increasing threats to critical national infrastructure (such as power plants) from some countries, the "cyber" part of the term is gaining importance.

It is true that most organizations are not at risk of being attacked by government-funded institutions. However, you can still be the subject of an opportunistic amateur hacker, and this is where cybersecurity advisory can come into play.

Consultants can check the level of existing enterprise IT security by identifying areas where high-risk vulnerabilities exist (for example, websites where usernames and passwords are submitted without encryption).

Many security vulnerabilities are caused by outdated software that has not been updated to the hotfix level. In this case, simply updating the software will solve the situation. In other cases, you may need to reconfigure the software to change settings, even though it may have been updated with a hotfix.

Vulnerability scans and intrusion tests conducted by cybersecurity consultants will expose this situation and allow companies to fix vulnerabilities before hackers find them.

Cybersecurity advisors can do more than provide vulnerability assessments and provide highly specialized consulting services to develop enterprise information security major overhaul plans.