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Choose New Advancements Clinical Trials For Liver Cancer

People are encouraged to talk to their healthcare team about the pros and cons of participating in certain studies.

Several clinical studies at are exploring new ways to relieve symptoms and side effects during liver cancer treatment. Others are looking for ways to control the long-term effects that can occur long after treatment. Talk to your doctor about clinical studies about symptoms and side effects.

People choose to participate in clinical trials for many reasons. For some, clinical trials are the best treatment option available. Because standard care is imperfect, people are often willing to face the added uncertainty of clinical trials in the hope of better outcomes. 

Others volunteer to take part in clinical trials because they know these trials are a way to contribute to advances in HCC treatment. Even if they do not benefit directly from clinical trials, their participation may benefit future HCC patients.

Insurance coverage and clinical trial costs vary by location and trial. Some programs reimburse a portion of the cost of participating in clinical trials.

It is important to speak with your research team and insurance company in advance to find out if and how your treatment will be covered in clinical trials. Learn more about health insurance coverage in clinical trials.