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Know About Ceramic, Nano Coatings, And Waxes in Westlake Village

Automotive pain waxes have long been the preferred product of automotive enthusiasts who want to achieve a perfect shine. But technology advances have brought new products to the professional detailing market and hobby enthusiasts alike. 

Manufacturers may refer to Nano and Ceramic coatings as different things, but they are the same thing. It is the final part of your vehicle's paintwork protection, much like waxes. Ceramic/Nano coatings, which are liquids, can be applied to vehicle paintwork to create a shiny, long-lasting, invisible barrier that repels water, contaminants, and UV rays. For Your vehicle, you can get ceramic coating in Westlke Village at

car ceramic coating

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They have a 9H hardness according to the Mohs scale of mineral toughness. Diamond is 10H, while ordinary glass is 5H. This stuff is extremely scratch-resistant. This means that your vehicle will last longer between washes, will look cleaner, and will be protected from swirl marks and scratches.

Waxes are a well-known product that has been used to protect paintwork for many years.

"Wax" refers to a hard hydrocarbon that is stable at room temperature. However, they can be made from raw materials such as carnauba (made from wax from the carnauba plants in Brazil). You can also have waxes made from beeswax or synthetic waxes. 

Ceramic coatings are a well-known technology that has been in use for some time. With their easy-to-apply and DIY kits, ceramic coatings have surpassed traditional paint protection.

It is important to remember that the way you apply the ceramic coating to your vehicle can be just as important. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and prepare your vehicle before applying.