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Things To Consider When Choosing A Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Commercial kitchen fans are a different beast than small home models. Apart from considering airflow and security systems, there are a few things you need to consider in your workplace. Read on to learn few things to consider before making your big decision.

Which Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Is Best for Your Space?

Commercial kitchen fans are essential to running your restaurant, bakery, or diner kitchen. Most societies require it by law. You can also buy the best industrial kitchen exhaust fan through various online sources.

All fans do the same basic thing by removing air from your building. However, your kitchen fan will need to direct and blow hot, dirty, and oily air through the hood system.

When choosing your commercial fan, consider the following five things: location, airflow, static pressure, energy efficiency, and type of drive. Balancing your needs against cost is always a problem, but your ventilation specialist can help you with the answer.

Where Do You Want the Fan to Be?

Where to place the fan is one of your first considerations. Most commercial fan models are designed for one of three locations: recessed (duct), wall, or roof. Where the fan is placed affects the case, accessories, and often the cost of installation.

The location of the fan is often determined by the available space or fire safety regulations. Often, you should vent cooking odors away from occupied space. This can add to the cost if you have to go up several floors. The location of the fan determines other considerations such as appearance, noise, and size.