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Brief About Asphalt Paving In Charlotte

You can own a commercial property with a parking lot, or just a very simple house with a driveway. In this case, asphalt pavement must be used to improve the overall structure.

What is asphalt pavement?

Asphalt is the most durable and flexible material used to cover roads, alleys, parking lots and other construction projects. It consists of sand, rock, gravel and liquid asphalt (petroleum). 

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commercial paving and asphalt

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Floors are surface finishes, or hard landscapes, used to keep floor surfaces at their best and appearance. Asphalt pavers are one of the most economical solutions for paving roads on moving surfaces.

All asphalt is not the same. This can be done in a number of ways. Depending on the method of manufacture, the quality of the ingredients is determined. Therefore, it is important to request or supply high quality blends when working with your road builder or contractor.

Asphalt costs vary depending on geographic location. Proper maintenance such as regular coating and re-coating are key to ensuring the durability of the asphalt surface.

After the initial installation, roughly every 3 years, you will expect a recovery. Cracks form over a long period of time, and you will need to apply a rubber compound to prevent the cracks from spreading and spraying over the surface.