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The Ultimate Guide To Opening A Gelato Shop

If you are thinking of opening a frozen ice cream / gelato ice cream / yogurt shop, you probably have a lot of questions. 

When considering starting a business, the first thing you should do is create a step-by-step business plan to guide you along the way. For more information on gelato machines you can visit gelato equipment store.

The Ultimate Guide To Opening A Gelato Shop

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Think about who you want to target (your market) and how your business differs from your competitors (you need to have a strong competitive edge). Another tip is to visit every shop in the area and explore things like layout / design, menus, etc. 

Some of these problems could be:

– How much money do I need to start my business?

It really depends on the type of ice cream / gelato shop you want to start and your budget. You can potentially buy an existing franchise or small space for around $ 50,000, or start your own for between $ 100,000 and $ 500,000.

– What equipment do I need?

Depending on the type of business you want you can start with a simple ice cream scoop or use other ice tools such as soft ice cream makers, batch freezers to make your own ice cream / gelato/ sorbet or the amazing Pacojet making all kinds of items with desserts. 

– How much money can I make?

The best way to find out the answer to this question is to create a specific business plan with profitable portions.

– What type of license and permits do I need?

First, visit your municipal corporate licensing department to find out which municipal licensing you need. Then visit your state government website for information on government permits.