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What is the Best Method to Aerate Your Lawn?

According to the experts of lawn irrigation in Maryland, this step is required the most in case the lawn is suffering badly from thatch or is starting to look pale or straw-like and is beginning to get quite dusty.

What is the best method to aerate your lawn?

  1. Companies offering this service of lawn aeration in Maryland are found using a number of methods that they claim are equally easy and effective.
  2. According to them, the easiest way of lawn aeration in Maryland is to use some spike lawn aeration products like spike lawn and aerator shoes. You can also get  lawn aeration services by visiting

  1. These are simply a pair of moulds that have lots of spikes coming out of the bottom of them and you slip these moulds over your shoes and then simply walk around your garden.
  2. With these holes, you will make sure that essential nutrients from the sun, water, and air reach the bottom of the ground.
  3. These core holes also allow new roots to grow into these holes and grow into very strong roots that will provide a healthy base for the rest of your lawn in the future.
  4. According to the experts, these shoes are a great option because they are really simple to use and moreover, you can use them easily at your convenience.
  5. They work really well in any kind of soil if your lawn is suffering from small patches of thatch.
  6. However, if the area is bigger, these shoes would be insufficient and you will require other machines for lawn aeration in Maryland.