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Shopify: Why Do You Have Traffic But Not Sales?

While some stores are still attracting customers, sales aren’t coming to them. You need to think like your customers. But they don't feel it. What is the problem? Here are some reasons your traffic isn’t converting. You can increase your sales by using Shopify filter search results via  to reach potential customers.

shopify filter search results

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Low trust. Shoppers are more aware of scams and look for ways to trust brands they shop with. You can build trust by sharing customer reviews and other proof, as well as demonstrating your commitment to security.

Poor navigation. Your Shopify collections can be added to your navigation menu and throughout the homepage to help them get to the product faster.

Not mobile-friendly. More people use their mobile devices to shop or buy. You don't want to miss this valuable traffic by not optimizing your store pages for mobile.

Low-quality images. Your images are just as important as your product descriptions. They will be the last piece of product marketing for all the wonderful wares that you plan to sell. You should ensure that you use high-quality images to give your customers a real sense of what you offer.

Wrong audience. The wrong audience could be attracted to your product. You could be misleading searchers with your SEO or targeting the wrong demographics with your paid advertising strategy to the customers.