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2012 Survival Tips- Assembling Your Survival Kit

A disaster that changes life can occur at any time. Having a disaster survival kit that you can access when notifications can mean the difference between life and death for you and your family. While you can buy a number of different survival kits with special offers to prepare yourself for an outdoor adventure & disaster simulation

It is usually cheaper as well as convenient to carry. Whether it's a tornado war, earthquake, or all-out, it's important for you to survive with the loss of electricity, gas, freshwater supply, and shelter. Get ready to help you avoid unnecessary suffering. 

Mini Survival Kit

Mini emergency survival and automatic survival kits are available to give you basic needs for a period of three days. This kit is stored in a car, ship, or taken on a hiking or camping trip. The kit is small enough to fit in the jacket pocket and contains things like:

  • Small mirror or whistle survive for signaling purposes
  • Candle
  • Fishing rods and hooks
  • Water purifier tablet

How to Make a Survival Kit

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  • Small compass
  • Hard candy or bouillon cube
  • Food kits survive

Food survival kit must last one person three days or longer. The best type of food to put in the survival kit is frozen dry food which only needs a little water to be prepared. Foods containing more than 2000 calories and a high protein survival bar are preferred items for survival kits. You also have to enter water purification tablets, sugar packages, candles, and plastic equipment.

Bug Out Bag (Bob), Go Bag, and Grab & Go Bag

This kit is stored in a backpack survive and is easily accessible if an emergency occurs. Bob or "out of Dodge bag," At first it was a 72-hour survival kit, but these days many people packed it to last longer. This kind of survival kit is for serious emergencies when you only have time to take it and run safely.