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Planning for a Tea Party

Tea parties look elegant and sophisticated. These types of celebrations are appropriate for all-girl gatherings and birthday parties, as well as baby showers. Tea parties are a wonderful way to celebrate your special occasion.

You need to be familiar with the traditional afternoon tea party rituals and how to arrange them. Although it sounds simple, a tea party requires planning. When you host a party, it is important to choose the right venue and plan the menu.

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It should be clear on the invitation that guests are attending a tea party. The invitation should be sent out to all guests. However, they should have an idea of the theme and style of the party.

To add sophistication to your invitations, choose a decorative font that can be handwritten. Avoid using elaborate fonts. These fonts can be hard to read. Use these fonts in your invitation’s heading and endnotes.


It is important to choose the right venue. You should give off the same class and elegance as traditional tea parties.

These celebrations are usually held in the afternoon. This aspect can be modified, but you should stick with the tradition of an afternoon party. The decor is essential if you plan to host the party indoors.

Tableware and menu

Your party will look less appealing if you serve tea in different cups. You should offer a variety of teas, coffees, and fresh juices on the menu. When you serve tasty & attractive food this will enrich the experience of the eater.