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Kaftan Dresses Include Customs And Fashion Together

The kaftan is a simple, long-sleeved tunic or robe that has buttons or closes in the front. This simplicity hides the rich history of the Kaftan, as well as the many styles and variations that it has seen across cultures. The kaftan has been gaining popularity in Western countries over the past several decades, primarily because it is a fashion for women. 

Because it's simple and adaptable, the kaftan can be incorporated into any wardrobe to add an exotic or traditional touch. Harpers Fashion provides premium womenswear clothing in the UK and has a wide range of beautiful kaftan dresses.

Rabens Saloner Georgia Brick Kaftan - Harpers Fashion

While the classic kaftan has long, flowing sleeves and a high collar, modern versions may have v neck collars or other cuts. Traditional versions may have shorter sleeves but they are usually narrower. This varies from one region to the next. 

Except for pullovers, buttons or ties can be found at the neck and waist of the garment. To give shape to the otherwise fluid tunic, a sash or tunic is worn at the waist. Although the traditional design extends to the ankles in the original, modern versions can be shorter. 

Kaftan-inspired tunics can also be worn as blouses or shirts. The traditional kaftan is completed with a sweater, cloak, or loose outer jacket.

The greatest strength of this garment is its ability to adapt to different weather conditions. For hot climates, loose kaftans made from lighter materials work well. 

While heavier versions can be worn in cooler temperatures. The kaftan can be worn loosely over undergarments, but it is flexible enough to wear under heavy outerwear. The buttons and ties can also be adjusted according to temperature. 

The kaftan is an all-purpose garment that can be worn year-round anywhere.