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The New Mitsubishi Outlander: Everything You Need to Know

Mitsubishi has done up its new Mitsubishi Outlander in hopes of a better response from the market, and it has done a good job at it too! Check out the various features that make the Outlander a signature Mitsubishi SUV. You may also be tempted to buy this car after reading this article. 

The Exterior

The Outlander follows a conventional SUV template, though it could benefit from better exterior styling and a few visually aesthetic changes that would make it a "piece de resistance."

The exterior styling of the Mitsubishi Outlander has some interesting elements, along with some neat touches that Mitsubishi is known for. At the front, the shapely headlamps and the two-part grille give the SUV an impressive look. At the rear, the LED lights are stunning and really grab your attention. You can buy the best outlander parts for your Mitsubishi car online.

Mitsubishi Outlander Accessories & Parts -

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The Interior

The Outlander's interiors are all black with a few splashes of silver. The dials are sporty, the three-spoke steering is nice to hold, and the red-lit displays look good. The car has a good fit and finish and the quality of the plastics is good. 


The Outlander comes with a twin-cam 2.4-liter engine. Mitsubishi's engine is an all-alloy unit and a good performer. The Outlander is more fun to drive in manual mode with its 6 level gearshift. In terms of fuel efficiency, Outlander returns 7.2kpl on the highway and 9.7kpl in the city.

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