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Tile Installation Standards And Grade

Ceramic tile installation standards exist for everyone, not just commercial tillers. There are many different things that should be considered for safe and proper ceramic tile installations. 

Especially in order to pass quality checks that are generally required prior to purchasing or selling a property. And you can also hire tile installation service in Chattanooga at

One of the biggest things that people don't know prior to tiling, especially people new to the business or anyone wanting to do their own standard DIY job is the fact that there are several different grades that follow ceramic tile installation standards.

In order to choose the best tile grade for every type of ceramic tile job, consider the following information about each tile grade from one to five.

Grade 1

The first tile grade is considered to be the structurally weakest of all standard tiles available in the market today. This particular tile is generally only recommended for walls since they are normally the types of tiles that are used as a decorative touch.

When it comes to ceramic tile installation standards, grade 1 tiles should never be added on floors or high traffic areas that will require a longer-lasting grade. They may cause harm from cracks and breakage and will require frequent repairs or retiling, which will take up more time and money than if you were to use a higher tile grade.

Grade 2

The second tile grade should only be used in light traffic areas within residential buildings. This is ideal as wall tiles or as floor tiles where the area is solely used. 

Grade 3

The third tile grade is most commonly used in light to moderate traffic areas within residential buildings. They are generally used in kitchens, bathrooms to cover walls, counters, ceilings and on certain floors. 

Prior to working on any ceramic tile installation, always follow the standards that are freely available online or through professional sites in Chattanooga that will be more than happy to offer the information you need to get the job done well the first time around.


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