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Tips For Displaying Canvas Art

The art of canvas hanging at work or in your home can be quite a problem. There is a stunning work of art, or you might be thinking of purchasing one, but aren't certain of the best way to highlight the beauty of it on your wall. Here are some suggestions to aid you in picking and hanging your piece of artwork.

First, pick a work of art that you enjoy; it may appear like a simple task, however, the most costly work of art may not be the right option for you. Pick based on what you love and what makes you feel content in the space where the framed canvas art paintings will be placed.

Your artwork should be hung at the proper height so you don't stare at it. It should feel natural to stare at. It should be on the eye level of an average person, which is typically five feet six inches or five feet eight inches.

If you own more than one piece of art in a space, arrange them to create a gallery wall. While doing this, make certain, to begin with the center of the room and then move toward the sides.

The frame can help make artwork appear more prominent. From the classic matte black picture frame to antique brass frames that you can mix and match without having to worry about it. Combining frames can make the look more distinctive and allows each painting to be unique and have a distinctive style.

The addition of a mat to artwork may assist in highlighting the style and colors of the artwork and give it a more refined look. The mat is placed between the art piece with the frame providing an ideal background for your artwork and that's why it is important to make the mat as similar to the colors possible.


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