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Top Viral Videos – What Are the Factors that Make Viral Videos Attractive?

YouTube and other apps have transformed the way that a lot of users experience the web. It's created a simple method to share videos with your family and friends. It has also provided people with an opportunity to share their opinions and has also created its stars. It's also accomplished a second thing. 

It created a new phenomenon, which is referred to as "Viral video." An online video can be described as footage that, for any reason, can have widespread appeal. Once your dance video gets viral, you can also meet dancers of all kinds and invite them to a showdown..

People share the video with their friends and share them on their Facebook and Myspace profiles, and they forward it via emails or they leave comments on people's profiles with it, and they write about it. It spreads like it's a virus. According to comedy star Sarah Silverman in the recent, "Don't Vote!" viral video "It's similar to herpes but with positive results."

What is it that makes a specific video viral?

The truth is that nobody knows the truth. If the formula was known that is, then companies, as well as other companies that generate money, could profit from it. Although there isn't a particular method, the formula does have some common elements.

The most popular element is laughter. Funny comedians, like videos like the Evolution of the Dance video or hilarious video clips of animals, have a long track record of becoming viral. Comedy clips from TV shows, specifically iconic shows such as Saturday Night Live, are as well, historically, huge winners.

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