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Types of Badminton Shuttlecocks and Their Dynamics!

Badminton shuttlecocks, which are light and have cone-shaped feathers, are very lightweight. Duck feathers are the best choice. 

They can also be made from goose feathers and sometimes with nylon. They are often stored in special storage systems by factories to make them more durable. To buy them you can visit There are many types of badminton birdies:

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Goose feather typeDuck feather type

Types of plastic

Synthetic type

In a conical shape, feathers are embedded one on the other. This shape ensures that the cocks fly well. They fly differently from other racquetballs. The birdies, or shuttle cocks, fly effortlessly when they hit the badminton bat. 

The earliest ones were very fragile and could break easily. However, synthetic cocks have been developed to overcome this problem. The feather birdies fly faster, and the player has greater control over them. The feather birdies do not impact the shoulder like synthetic or plastic ones, which can cause injury.

Manufacturers often gather feedback about the performance of their accessories in order to improve them. They then strive to improve it based on the feedback. The duck feather is of high quality and provides better control and flight. They are very popular with Badminton players because they move to and fro easily.

Feather badminton cocks should be replaced more often. They are lightweight and can break easily when playing at speeds of more than 320 km/h. Plastic cocks are slow and slightly heavy, but they won't break easily. They fly slowly at first and then pick up speed towards the end.


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