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Vision Therapy: An Alternative Eye Care

Are you wearing glasses? Do you completely depend on your glasses? Well, you may not need to depend on the reasons why you need glasses.

Your eyes may simply need practice. Like the rest of your body, your eyes also need exercise. Your eyeglasses may simply be a crutch for you. If you notice walking up stairs tires your legs you don't go out and buy crutches, you start exercising. Well, for many people getting stronger glasses is just a crutch. Eye exercises may be the only thing you really need. You can also look for high fashion eye wear and designer frames in Northridge.

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Now, you do need to check the eye for any kind of eye problems. Always see an eye doctor first, and then embark on a vision program. An eye chart, mainly the Snellen eye examination chart will detect whether you are normal sighted, farsighted, or perhaps nearsighted. An optometrist will check your eyes. On the other hand, ophthalmology is the treatment of more severe eye problems or eye diseases.

Laser eye surgery may be one solution. But, it does have its dark side. There are many people who have had their eyes ruined because of this surgery. Study all your options before you decide on laser eye treatment.

Some of the more common eye problems and eye diseases are eye floaters, dry eye lazy eye (also known as amblyopia), strabismus (a condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned with each other, eye infections, diplopia is also known as double vision. This can be caused by many different reasons, from eye muscles to brain perceptions.

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