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What Is A Luminex Assay

A Luminex assay can measure multiple analytes from one sample. The Luminex(r), xMAP(r), technology is an immunoassay that can detect up to 100 analytes simultaneously. You can look for the best Luminex bead Assay service online.

Luminex Multiplex Assay Principle: R&D Systems

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Internally, color-coded microspheres (or beads) are dyed with different amounts of red fluorophores and infrared fluorescent fluorophores. Each bead region corresponds to a unique spectral signature.

Quantification of multiple biomarkers and cytokines in a sample can provide critical information about biological processes. The antibody specific for the desired analyte is attached to a bead region and incubated with the sample.

Beads are excited using a Luminex instrument to determine their bead regions and the corresponding assigned analyte. A second laser measures the intensity of the PE-derived signal. This is proportional to the analyte concentration. Each bead area is tested for robust detection by taking multiple readings.

Multi-Analyte Profiling (Luminex xMAP) technology allows scientists to measure multiple proteins from one well. This technology combines innovative fluidics and optics with digital signal processing to provide multiplexed assay capabilities.

xMAP technology is flexible and open-architecture designed, so it can be used to quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively perform a variety of bioassays.

Multiplexing with a Luminex Assay

  • Save time and money. Use fewer resources than running multiple single-analyte EISAs.
  • Flexibility- Create panels to meet your research needs.
  • High Variability Minimizes experiment variability by using multiple data points from one experiment.

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