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Why Consider an Investment in Wine?

Wine is an alternative investment, which isn't directly tied to any of the economic factors, interest rates, or other elements that impact vehicles like bonds and stocks. It can be costly to start a collection of wine bottles for investment purposes. However, they can add diversification to your portfolio.

If you are new to wine investment, then you must seek professional advice from

There are many ways to invest in wine.

  • Individual bottles can be purchased, stored, and sold
  • Invest in stock of wine-related companies (e.g. beverage distributors or makers).
  • Invest in more mutual or exchange-traded fund funds that target "sin stocks", the consumer staples sector, or other themes such as wine.
  • You can work with a company that will manage, store, and maintain your wine collection.
  • Wine investments are usually medium-to-long-term. The biggest risk is that the bottles are damaged, broken, or stored improperly, which could reduce their value. There is no guarantee that any particular bottle of wine will be more valuable than it already is.

Ratings and scarcity are the best indicators of a wine’s future and current value. Wine critics rank wines on a scale from 1 to 100. Read reviews from critics before you decide to buy wine based on their ratings. High-quality wines are those with a rating of 95 or higher.

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