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Wisdom Tooth Extractions Surgery

A wisdom tooth can be extracted (removed) by an oral surgeon or your family dentist. This can be done at the dental professional’s facility. There are many Professional dentists in Colleyville that provide tooth extraction services, if you want to get more information about extraction surgery you can search for minimal discomfort wisdom tooth removal in Colleyville, TX.

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Why was the wisdom tooth extracted?

Teeth may be too large for the jawbone in which they grow. As a result, your teeth can become damaged, which means that if they actually break below the gum line, they cannot grow up normally.

Gum caps can damage teeth and only penetrate part of the gum line. Food and germs can then get into these covers, which can lead to infection.

One or more wisdom teeth can grow at the wrong angle, which in turn leads to the formation of another, healthier tooth. Extraction is necessary to maintain healthy teeth.

What to expect after surgery:

Recovery usually only takes a few days. Here are some tips to help you speed up your recovery:

Follow pain medication advice only when needed.

Change the sanitary napkin and bite gently to absorb the blood.

Avoid lying on your back as this can prolong bleeding. Try supporting your head with a pillow if necessary.

Avoid physical activity as this will encourage faster blood flow to the injured area.

Soft foods are usually recommended to help relieve stress at the surgery site.

Using a straw can loosen blood clotting. Therefore, do not use a straw during recovery.

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