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Wooden Spoons for Wedding and Bridal Shower Favors

There are many options for wedding favors made from wooden spoons or bridal shower favors made from wooden spoons.

Wedding Favors made from Wooden Spoons 

Wooden spoons are a modern twist on the traditional Welsh and Scottish tradition of gifting the bride a wooden knife. The oak spoon (also known as ‘eikeskje’ in the Norwegian language) was considered the most useful kitchen utensil. Wooden spoons would be given to the bride to help her cook for her husband and their family.

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Wooden spoons make great wedding favors. Guests can give the spoons instead of the bride. 

Bridal Shower Favors made from Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons as bridal shower favors can be handled similarly. The wooden spoons will be given to the guests and not to the bride-tobe.

Bridal Party Ideas

The wooden spoon can also be used as a wedding favor or bridal shower favor. Each member of the bridal party should be given a "lucky" wooden spoon. These gifts are better than bridal shower favors. Each spoon should be covered with satin, in the same color as the bride's dress. 

Attach a braid of tiny pearls along with the handle. Glue lace along the bowl's edge. To hang the spoon, glue a loop made of blue ribbon to the handle. To make a more memorable spoon, glue two small wedding bells or a bride and groom to the spoon's satin bowl. These can be found at craft supply stores.

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